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kay's Music

Over 10 Years Experiences

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 I Believe everyone can be an artist and Music is one of the best gift for us to expressing ourselves

Explore your musical potential follow your passion and discover your creativity!


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Music Lessons

Happiness is the Key of Learning. You will have piano lessons under a positive environment.
You will gain confident and feel fulfilled through your growth and progress during learning.

Happy Girl

Learn the Music you Love

And Develop your Music Skills

at the same time

Playing Piano

My primary goal as a teacher is to make music lessons a  life-enriching experience for my students.

I will guide you to discover your ART in yourselves and unlock your CREATIVITY.

Above all, our lessons will focus on reaching your musical potential and goals.

Music is the Soul can be Heard by Universe

- Lao Tzu


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I Teach...

Classical Music

A wide of repertoire from the famous one and the witty charming


Yes! You can be a COMPOSER!


Do you know building up a strong theory knowledge can help you learn your instrument more efficiently?

Jazz and Pop

Why not having some laid-back moment?


It's fun to run some nice tune on the piano. Let's learn it!


Get a good accompanist to make your performance more convincing!

I Offer high quality professional lessons for your exams, auditions, competitions and Leisure

Beginners and Advanced Students are welcome


Ready to Start your

Music Journey?

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Kay C



Kay is a Contemporary Classical Pianist, Composer and Meditation Coach. She started her Piano Study in Hong Kong and Continue her Music Study in the Europe and Australia. Influenced by 20th Century and Jazz Music, she began to build her Music Ideas with Spirituality and create unique ambient style music to express her love to Nature. 


Kay is passionate to explore all the possibility in sound and art. She cooperates with painters, dancers, photographers and video makers etc. to fully express her artistic creativity through her music writing and improvisation.


+ MMus in Piano Performance (QLD Conservatorium)

+ BMus in Piano Performance (Prins Claus Conservatorium, The Netherlands)


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As a Composer


I started to Write Music since 2016. Back then I was Living in Sydney and Inspired by the Beautiful Nature. I Spent a lot of time in Manly Beach, Communicating with the Chilling Vibe through Improvising on my Piano 


In this Album "Piano Nature Music" I put Birds Chipping, Ocean Waves, and different Nature Ambient blending with Soothing Piano Tune


Instrumental Works

These years I am trying to experiment different sounds and materials


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Classical  Works


Jazz Tune


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